Woman enjoying her custom home in Walnut Springs with her horses

Working With Our Houston Locations to Build In The Hill Country

This guest post was written by one of our Tilson families, the Molnars.  Dave and Kelly built their home in Walnut Springs while working with our Spring Design Center.

Let's see, ten acres at the top of the Hill Country? Check. Peaceful surroundings and experiencing a calm and content feeling enjoying sunrises and sunsets on our mini-ranch? Double-check. Finding a builder to make the dream into a reality while making the process as enjoyable and stress-free as watching those sunset colors dance on a picturesque evening sky pallet? That's a triple check once we entered the door and met Tanya Johnsen from Tilson Homes in the Spring, Texas office!

So who are we and why should you listen to us is probably what you are thinking. Well, allow me; My name is Dave Molnar and I'm an airline pilot based out of Dallas. My wife Kelly is a retired Flight Attendant (I bet you didn't see that one coming!) and was based out of Houston. My hobbies are restoring classic cars and flying, while Kelly's hobbies are equestrian with riding instruction and dressage. Basically, she deals with one horsepower whereas I like dealing with many. What's that all mean to you? Glad you asked! It means we're focused on fine details, following procedures and checklists, and concerned about the smooth flow of "the big picture" in ultimately obtaining the main goal. It seems all of those qualities are exactly what Tilson ensures goes into their home builds. Were there hiccups along the way? Sure. Did some things not go exactly as planned? Of course! But what's the real sign of a quality home builder? Very simple. It is how the problems are handled, how the final product is presented, and most importantly, how YOU the homeowner are treated along the way while these issues are fixed. That, in my opinion, is what shows the true character of the company and people you are dealing with. Tilson shined on all aspects of the build from design to reality. Tanya was simply a pleasure to deal with and that transferred right over to Gabe who was our construction supervisor. Both top-notch all the way!

So, yeah, Tilson's great, Tanya's awesome, Gabe was excellent, process easy, sign here, blah, blah, blah. But what could really drive the point home that we were so impressed with Tilson? Well, that'd be telling my parents to build a house right next door to us with Tilson and to top that off, Tanya volunteering to drive from the Spring office to the Waxahachie office so my parents could use her to design their retirement home! Now, that's the type of service you rarely see nowadays. Once my parents decided to relocate from The Villages, Florida to some peace and quiet next to us (Ha! Man, I'm funny), I could think of no other home builder to use besides Tilson and no other salesperson I'd want them to deal with than Tanya.

I hope that gives you a little insight into our experience with Tilson. You know? Since we're on our final descent here in this article, how about a typical pilot announcement to wrap this whole positive experience up? Well, say no more, and here you go!

"We invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy your home build."

If you're interested in hearing more about the Molnars experience with Tilson, you can watch their video below.


"With Tilson, we were able to walk in and get exactly what we wanted without any hassle"

— Amanda Srubar, El Campo

"The materials that they used are quality, they build a sound house and as a result, our electric bills are cheaper.  Our home is 2x the size of our last home, but our utility bills are cheaper."

— Sandra Fithian, Springtown

"Everyone at the model home center was friendly and courteous and we loved our experience there.  It was why we came back to Tilson. "

— Bill and Patty Whigham, Crockett

"Anytime we know someone who is getting ready to build, we tell them you're making a mistake if they don't talk to someone at Tilson first."

— Michael and Debora Shields, Boerne

"The whole experience was just a joy!"

— Charles and Eddayln Bailey, Kerrville

"Tilson's Easybuy program helped us out tremendously"

— Rita Middletown, Montgomery

"We've had absolutely nothing go wrong with the house for the 14 years that we've had it. We've had zero in the way of issues so we figured for our next home - no sense in fighting success!"

— Eugene Duffy and Karen Reed, Helotes

"The no construction loan helped a lot financially. We didn't have to dip into our retirement savings to front all the money to get started on our home. "

— Sandra Fithian, Springtown

"Tilson puts their very best quality in all the homes they build."

— Greg and Barbara Nefford, Blanco

"Tilson's quality of homes exceeded our expectations, it's everything we've dreamed about."

— Michael and Gina Boren, San Antonio

"Building our house was the most rewarding experience and we've had absolutely no problems."

— Carl and Vicki Luckenbach, Fredericksburg