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Home interior ceiling with air vent and air return

The Advantages of Air Returns in Every Room

Designing and installing an HVAC system that operates at peak efficiency is as much a science as it is a craftsman’s art. A properly sized and calibrated system provides consistent temperatures, quiet performance, and maximum comfort in every room.

Installed PEX-A piping under a home's floorboards

3 Advantages of Using PEX-A Piping

Every homeowner wants plumbing that will provide clean water with efficient water pressure. If you’ve ever thought of building your own home, you’ll want to consider the different options available for your plumbing.

Woman enjoying her custom home in Walnut Springs with her horses

Working With Our Houston Locations to Build In The Hill Country

This guest post was written by one of our Tilson families, the Molnars. Dave and Kelly built their home in Walnut Springs while working with our Spring Design Center.

A Tilson home exterior during the framing process

What is OSB and What Does it Do?

At Tilson, we choose materials that will contribute to the structural rigidity and longevity of your home. So, we use OSB for its consistency, sustainability, strength, and the increase in home performance it provides.

Tilson Home Roof

The Difference Between Rhino Liner and Felt

You already know that shingles are the outermost layer of your roof, but did you know the layer between the shingles and your wood roof decking is just as important?

Home construction team pouring a home foundation

Four Reasons Why A Vapor Barrier Is Important

At Tilson Homes, we want homeowners to be informed about every step of the building process. This starts with a solid foundation. Many people already know that the foundation of their home is arguably the most important part. However, did you know that you also need a vapor barrier to create a longer-lasting foundation?

"Anytime we know someone who is getting ready to build, we tell them you're making a mistake if they don't talk to someone at Tilson first."

— Michael and Debora Shields, Boerne

"The whole experience was just a joy!"

— Charles and Eddayln Bailey, Kerrville

"The no construction loan helped a lot financially. We didn't have to dip into our retirement savings to front all the money to get started on our home. "

— Sandra Fithian, Springtown

"Building our house was the most rewarding experience and we've had absolutely no problems."

— Carl and Vicki Luckenbach, Fredericksburg

"With Tilson, we were able to walk in and get exactly what we wanted without any hassle"

— Amanda Srubar, El Campo

"Tilson puts their very best quality in all the homes they build."

— Greg and Barbara Nefford, Blanco

"We've had absolutely nothing go wrong with the house for the 14 years that we've had it. We've had zero in the way of issues so we figured for our next home - no sense in fighting success!"

— Eugene Duffy and Karen Reed, Helotes

"The materials that they used are quality, they build a sound house and as a result, our electric bills are cheaper.  Our home is 2x the size of our last home, but our utility bills are cheaper."

— Sandra Fithian, Springtown

"Tilson's quality of homes exceeded our expectations, it's everything we've dreamed about."

— Michael and Gina Boren, San Antonio

"Everyone at the model home center was friendly and courteous and we loved our experience there.  It was why we came back to Tilson. "

— Bill and Patty Whigham, Crockett

"Tilson's Easybuy program helped us out tremendously"

— Rita Middletown, Montgomery