Tilson Advantages

There are many reasons for building with Tilson. Our family owned company has been building homes and dreams in Texas for four generations. As we reflect on the over 30,000 homes we've built during the past 85 years, we couldn't be more proud of what we've accomplished. Our dedication to building quality homes hasn't changed since we first broke ground in 1932.

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Experience Financing Construction Energy Efficiency


As a family owned and operated Texas custom home builder for four generations, Tilson has worked to earn homebuyers' trust. We've built over 30,000 homes in the past 85 years -- more than any other Build on Your Lot custom builder in Texas. Our experience in the Built On Your Lot industry is just one of the many advantages of building a Tilson home.

Easy Financing

When you qualify for Tilson’s EasyBuy℠ program, you won’t need a separate construction loan or interim financing to build a home on your lot. There are no construction loan closing costs, no monthly construction loan payments, and you will not accumulate any added construction loan interest costs even if construction is delayed. This means more house for your money. With Tilson, you can even use the equity you have in your property as collateral for your down payment when building a home. For more information about financing your new home with EasyBuy℠, click here.

Tilson Homes Easy Buy Financing

Quality Construction

Every Tilson Home is built to our exacting standards of quality. Click on the topics below to learn more about the craftsmanship that goes into our homes.

  • Site Specific Engineered Foundations

    Tilson Homes performs a geotechnical investigation on every site so the foundation that’s designed and placed is specific to your property ensuring a more reliable foundation in tune with the soil on which it stands.

  • Structural Stability
    Tilson exceeds industry requirements by fully wrapping all of our homes with 7/16" OSB Sheathing.
  • Industry Leading Framing Standards

    Tilson exceeds industry standards by using high quality No. 2 Grade Lumber and framing spacing that meets or exceeds industry standards ensuring a solid backbone for your forever home.

  • Radiant Barrier Decking and Roofing

    The Radiant barrier blocks 97% of the radiant heat in the roof from entering the attic. This helps keep your attic cooler, lower your utility bills, and keeps your A/C unit running longer.  This is used in the majority of the homes built in Climate Zone 3. Varies by location.

  • Grade A PEX Water Piping

    The cross-linked polyethylene pipe allows for installation with fewer joints and fittings (making it more flexible), has a lower freezing temperature, and provides cleaner water to your home than copper or CPVC.

  • Windows
    Tilson uses American Made vinyl tilt-sash windows with double pane Low E glass which acts as a barrier to radiant heat — allowing the light in, but keeping the heat out. The windows also come with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • HardieZone™ Siding System

    Tilson installs the complete HardieZone system (siding, soffit, fascia, and frieze) on all homes. HardieZone siding has performance attributes that are specific to the climate where the product is used, giving customers siding with strength, durability, and beauty. With the complete HardieZone system, our customers qualify for the manufacturer's 30 year warranty.

  • Third Party Inspections
    A 3rd Party will inspect your home throughout the building process including at foundation pour, framing and electrical rough-in, and at insulation installation. A final inspection is also performed upon completion prior to move-in.
  • Energy Efficiency

    All Tilson homes are built and inspected to the most rigorous energy codes published by the International Code Council, ensuring a high-performing home that is more energy efficient, comfortable, and durable.

  • Insulation
    Tilson uses R-38 blown attic insulation & R-15 exterior wall insulation — exceeding code requirements and keeping your home comfortable year-round in the majority of homes built in Climate Zone 2.  Tilson uses Spray Foam insulation for homes built in Climate Zone 3. Varies by location.
  • Heat & Air Conditioning

    Tilson installs matched 15 SEER (minimum) Trane® Air Conditioning & Heat systems in all homes. This system includes the air handler, furnace, and condensing unit — all required for a true 15-SEER system.

  • Venting
    Tilson installs continuous Soffit and Ridge vents in the attic and roof allowing the house to have passive ventilation and moving moisture and hot air out of the attic for the majority of homes built in Climate Zone 2. This makes your home more energy efficient, lowers heating bills, and extends the life of the HVAC equipment. Varies by location.

Energy Efficiency

All Tilson homes are built and inspected to the most rigorous energy codes published by the International Code Council, ensuring a high-performing home that is more energy efficient, comfortable, and durable.

Tilson homes achieve energy savings through the use of higher construction standards and program requirements such as:

  • Tight construction - Max 5 ACH or 3 ACH depending on location
  • HERS rating exceeding code and ENERGY STAR requirements
  • Matched HVAC equipment
  • Duct blaster tested
  • Blower door tested
  • Fresh air ventilation
  • 3rd party rated and inspected
  • Pressure balancing
  • And more!

"Anytime we know someone who is getting ready to build, we tell them you're making a mistake if they don't talk to someone at Tilson first."

— Michael and Debora Shields, Boerne

"The whole experience was just a joy!"

— Charles and Eddayln Bailey, Kerrville

"With Tilson, we were able to walk in and get exactly what we wanted without any hassle"

— Amanda Srubar, El Campo

"The materials that they used are quality, they build a sound house and as a result, our electric bills are cheaper.  Our home is 2x the size of our last home, but our utility bills are cheaper."

— Sandra Fithian, Springtown

"We've had absolutely nothing go wrong with the house for the 14 years that we've had it. We've had zero in the way of issues so we figured for our next home - no sense in fighting success!"

— Eugene Duffy and Karen Reed, Helotes

"Tilson's quality of homes exceeded our expectations, it's everything we've dreamed about."

— Michael and Gina Boren, San Antonio

"Everyone at the model home center was friendly and courteous and we loved our experience there.  It was why we came back to Tilson. "

— Bill and Patty Whigham, Crockett

"The no construction loan helped a lot financially. We didn't have to dip into our retirement savings to front all the money to get started on our home. "

— Sandra Fithian, Springtown

"Tilson's Easybuy program helped us out tremendously"

— Rita Middletown, Montgomery

"Building our house was the most rewarding experience and we've had absolutely no problems."

— Carl and Vicki Luckenbach, Fredericksburg

"Tilson puts their very best quality in all the homes they build."

— Greg and Barbara Nefford, Blanco